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Your website design starts by combining online business goals with focused imagination. Whether you build a product landing page or create a new e-commerce website, designers craft a branded presentation that will attract your target market. The right look, the right layout and the right focus, that’s what Designer Lost provides. Email to get a FREE quote on innovative website designs for your brand.
Website Design Solutions

Launch a clean, precise website design that reflects your brand and connects you with your target audience. Designer Lost consistently produces innovative website designs that are easy on the eyes and easy to use.

Product Packaging for ECommerce

Create a product look before you launch your ecommerce website. Designers at Designer Lost ready your product packaging to spread your brand—from an online sales page to product delivery.

Graphic Design for Advertising

Communicate how your business can help your target audience through advertising. Designer Lost isn’t just your website design firm. We help you launch ad campaigns to build your brand anywhere, anytime

Graphic Design for Marketing

From crafting online press release templates to creating email newsletter designs, Designer Lost helps you easily and effectively market your business with focused print, online and broadcast materials.

Logo Design for Branding

Brand your business with an original logo design. Designer Lost designs logos with imaginative symbols and clean, precise type, giving you the branding solution you need to make that first impression count.

Corporate Identity Design

Identity design begins with the right planning, research and creativity. Your business needs an identity and Blackwave can help create all the guidelines necessary.

Multimedia Presentation Design

Presentations are very effective tools to promote or market one’s business. Through multimedia, clients and customers will have an enhanced view about the services or products of your organization.

Custom Illustrations

Designer Lost helps you draw and convert to vector graphic illustrations or vector logos for blog headers, social network icons and more.

Blog Design

The right design for your blog will keep visitors coming back and reading more. Engage in custom blog design by Designer Lost and see blog traffic increase.

Banner Ad Design

Professional and world-class custom banner design to coincide with any marketing campaign.

Social Media Background Design

Need Twitter, Youtube or Facebook designs to match your brand and current website? Designer Lost can make quick work of this and update your social scene presence.

Professional Environment

We focus on facilitating an environment that maintains professionality. All projects meet expected deadlines and we listen to our clients because we know that, here, the client is always right.

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About Us

Welcome to Designer Lost!

Designer Lost is a Web Design Firm founded in 2008 located in the heart of New York Manhattan USA. The goal of Designer Lost is to provide our clients with an international service in design and bring them to the top of the online world.

We make sure all of our websites are compatible on all the major web and mobile browsers. PHP, xhtml, HTML, HTML5, SEO, SEM, Graphic Design, social media advertising and general advertising are just some of the tools we use to facilitate client needs. Focusing on all fields of web development, we tackle global business necessities like marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We have helped websites climb to the top of search engines and un-blacklisted as well as remove viruses from hacked websites.

Honesty is something very dear to us, that is why we will give you a flat rate price and do not charge by the hour. Multiple designs will be provided until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your website. In addition to all of this, we design everything from Web Sites to Templates, and even Facebook Pages. Feel free to view our affordable design packages and get back to us if you have any questions, or wish to receive a quote.

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Our Team

Jason Kahn
Founder of Kahns Kitchen and a Search Engine Optimization professional
Roberto Cruz
Professional Web Designer and Developer, former Siemens Computer Engineer, and Content Management System expert.


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  • 3 Unique Page Designs
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Auto Backup
  • Basic Security


  • 5 Unique Page Designs
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Auto Backup
  • Basic Security


Best Value


  • 7 Unique Page Designs
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Auto Backup
  • Extended Security


  • 10 Unique Page Designs
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Auto Backup
  • Extended Security

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